What are the 6 qualities that surround good leadership? Part 3 of 6

Over 6 weeks, we will be looking at the qualities that surround 'Good Leaders' - we are up to week 3.

Just a reminder that promotion to leadership can happen for various reasons. Seniority, competence, popularity or even just simply being available!

Some people may just simply assume leadership because when they look around no one else is leading. Some are elected into a role of leadership because they weren’t there to object - I literally had this happen to me in one role of leadership!

But what are the 6 qualities that will make you a 'Good Leader' and not just a leader?

I have had many roles in leadership over my life. Some were comfortable and some very challenging; but every role taught me a little more about what it is that contributes to being a good leader.

So, over this 6 week's series, I want to share with you 6 character traits to look for when choosing a leader in your business or organisation.


A person who is confident without being arrogant has the potential to lead. 

Confidence, which is based on a person having a sound and honest opinion of who they are, will be the best type of candidate to work with for leadership. 

Their confidence in their leadership will be key assets to help progress your business. 

Their poise will be proven by their relationship with their subordinates. 

Their confidence breeds confidence in others and you will know exactly where to help them continue their growth next. 

Peers and subordinates will be drawn to someone with confidence.



I once read that the root of the word 'Con Man' was based on an expression of someone who sold 'Confidence without Substance'.
I am definitely not asking you to find 'Con-men' for your leadership role, but confidence
with substance is extremely important

As a young leader, I learnt for myself  “To teach simply you have to know deeply.”

One of Albert Einstein's Quotes is very similar “If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.” 

When someone is in leadership and they are confident in their role, confidence breeds confidence. When the tide comes in all the ships in the harbour rise. Confidence is just the same. A confident leader raises the tide across your whole organisation and not just one boat. 

You will have heard I am sure, “Empty vessels make the most noise." When you follow someone who is an “Empty vessel” all you hear is a lot of noise that doesn’t make sense.

When you are following someone who is confident about where they are going and connected to the vision and plan of your business or organisation and you mix this with Charisma, Credibility and Confidence, you are halfway to finding the next leader you want to promote in your team.

Credence and Conviction underpin Confidence. 

Confidence often takes years to establish and seconds to destroy. If your 'Self-Esteem' is damaged and your 'Self Efficacy' is exposed to criticism, judgement, gossip, mutiny, tension and strife,  your confidence will diminish.

To protect both your Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy, build a solid support wall around yourself to rely on.
Find reliable people, who will encourage you in the decisions you need to make and ensure your confidence in your ability to lead is sound.  

  • Do you rate yourself as a leader in confidence
  • Are you confident enough to move into a role of leadership? 
  • How is your level of confidence overall and how is your Self-Esteem? 
  • How many of the qualities listed about confidence are evident in your life?
  • How can you learn to become more confident in your style to be thought of as a leader?

In my book the '5 Keys to Successful Business Planning' we walk people through how to attract, train, monitor, develop, and grow successful leaders in their business or organisation. 

The E-book is now available on our website here.

Have a great week and remember to 'Planalife you want to live in through a Business on Purpose.'

See you next week for Part 4 - Care.

Cheers, Ian.

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