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Short Courses with a BIG Impact on your business.

Below are the details of our short courses - each  designed to deliver fantastic value and leave you with tools and techniques to start implementing in your business straight away.

Scheduled upcoming courses are listed and courses can also be booked privately for you or your business. Call Ian for more information: 0452 399 728

Business on Purpose - Short Courses
BOP 1. Recruitment V Hiring.  How to recruit powerfully and for longevity.

We offer support for small to medium-sized businesses to recruit intentionally through Business on Purpose Recruitment v Hiring.

Through this course, you will learn the power of having a strong recruitment process.

You will learn how to write a role description, expectation and responsibility checklist, work out your onboarding timetable, write a compelling advertisement for the role, explore places to host your add, make an effective list of powerful questions for interviewing using ASSET Analysis, gain an understanding of how to set up KPIs for increasing competency as you intentionally onboard your new recruits


1.5 hours

BOP 2. DISCovery, Driving Forces and Emotional Intelligence

DISC in an internationally recognised tool consistently used to understand behaviour. DISC is used for recruitment, team building, identifying and promoting leadership and managers, strengthening sales, building better communication and strengthening relationships for couples and partners who lead their business together. DISC will help you understand how best to draw on each other’s strengths and support each other in areas where you struggle.

All our profiles include Driving Forces to help you understand a layer of self beyond behaviour.  Our motivational focus or Driving forces will either amplify or placate behaviour. Knowing this is more holistic than just working with a behavioural assessment.

Double Profile Per Person + 1-hour DISCovery session $550.00 Inc GST

Triple Profile + Additional Analytics for Senior staff and management Including a 2 Hour DISCovery session    $880.00 Inc GST

Target Selling Insights+1.5 hours Discovery session. $440 Inc GST

BOP 3. Effective team building.

Understanding how team dynamics work is essential for a business, voluntary group or ministry to grow in efficiency and effectiveness. We have several questionnaires that your team will work through to produce some data, that in turn will help you design a team intentionally that is effective and dynamic. This team-building short course is normally a 3-4 hour exercise where we gather the team you are working with into a room and ‘optioneer’ ideas, strengthen communication and explore direction. Together we will work through exercises to strengthen communication, discover the gaps and barriers that are limiting potential, then create strategic planning towards growth.

Typically ½ day $880.00 for up to 6 people

3-4 Hours

BOP 4. How to identify and promote leaders.

This course has been specially and uniquely designed for a one to one interview with a potential person you would like to add to your organisation in a senior role or a current employee you would like to promote. At the end the of the process we can provide the owner, MD or HR manager some indicators as to how the candidate could perform in leadership roles, whether they are a suitable person to be a part of a growth strategy or whether you might be just about to promote someone to a level of incompetence that could hurt your next stage of business growth and development. We will help you discover if your candidate will be an asset. 

We conduct the following Behavioural Analytics and Talent Insights-

  • DISC
  • Driving Forces
  • Workplace Motivation
  • EQ Emotional Intelligence
  • Engaged Learning
  • How you act in Conflict and Discipline
  • AB Personality
  • Stress level test

Duration 2 Hours  $880.00

BOP 5. Strategic and Effective Marketing Principles

This course allows Small to Medium size business owners, that are still very connected to their own marketing plan, understand the principles that make marketing work. This course will literally save you thousands of dollars. It is very practical and powerful. We will work through understanding the critical three aspects of marketing, overcoming objections and excuses, the four essential pillars of your marketing plan, begin to build 8 campaigns and understand 7 aspects of marketing influence.

$495.00 [Max of 5 people from one company] 

Duration 3 hours

If you would like to complete a SALES Target profile add $330 Per Person. 

Duration 1.5 hours for profile download per person. 

BOP 6. Understanding chronological and compass time management principles.

How we manage our time is one of, if not the most critical and important aspect of our life. If we are just spinning wheels and getting no traction, then we are wasting our time and life. Time is the one commodity we can’t get back so making the most of each day is essential. Chronological management means ‘minutes matter’ and our months are planned with purpose. Compass management means we know where we are going and why. There is no benefit in being the richest person in the cemetery or rich enough to afford your own divorce. If we plan a life we want to live in we will love living life! Chronological and Compass time management is Critical.


Duration 1.5 hours 

We also run this in group session throughout the year for $55.00

BOP 7. Engaged Learning Styles. Understanding your Conflict Resolutions Styles

Many times people will teach subordinates from their learning style. The older tradie that turns to the young apprentice and says “ Ya cant teach these kids Nuffin nowadays” or the senior leader in an organisation who is trapped in their role due to not having competent and confident subordinates emerging, may be teaching from their learning style rather than using the learning style that would be most effective to their trainee.
Conflict can arise from Internal staff relationships, discipline, customer relationships and relationship with suppliers. Knowing and managing your conflict resolutions style is a key indicator in helping all staff have a more fluid and dynamic relationship in the business space.

$330 Private Session $55.00 Group Sessions

Duration 1.5 Hours

BOP 8. How can your Relationship survive your business?

This course is specifically designed for couples that work together as leaders in their business space. How do you transition from the roles we have in the workplace to being in a personal relationship again. What are some effective strategies you can employ to protect your relationship and help you actually be where you are not wishing you are somewhere else!
What are some of the factors that will naturally cause stress in relationships? What are the compensating and recalibrating strategies that you can introduce to strengthen your relationship? How can you love what you do at work and still be in love when you go home. How do you unload and unwind? How do you relax and relate in both roles?

$330.00 Private Session

$55.00 group sessions. 

BOP 9. Understanding Business Cycles and Strategic Growth Budgets.

Your business has a cycle it will follow through a year depending uniquely of your type of business. If we can identify these cycles and introduce effective compensation tactics into a business, some peaks and troughs can be smoothed and some preparation can be initiated to help with cashflow and functionality. Budgeting and financial analysis should be paramount to all businesses. However, unfortunately, budgeting is very rare for most businesses, Our strategic approach uses the principles of discovering where the best place is for you in the market space and how to effectively, 'Tune' your business for the best ROI and profitability.

$330.00 Private Sessions

2 hours

BOP 10. BOPPAT for business analysis.

This course will help you  discover where

  • Problems exist,
  • Potential can be explored and
  • Profits can be increased

You will analyse 15 core areas of your business and rate your business to see where you can grow your business.  This course will also give you an introductory understanding of the 5 Keys areas of your business that you must develop in order to have a successful business. This is a fundamentals course. It is an essential course to ground new business owners in the basics they will need to have on the dashboard to move towards a successful attempt at being a business owner. This course has aspects from our Business Coaching Course that will start you seriously considering what you are about to launch in to. You will come away with some invaluable information that will save you thousands, particularly in the first year. It can help you put an ‘old head’ on some ‘young shoulders.’


½ day seminar.

BOP 11. How to set CLEVER and SMART Goals.

This course is about putting filters in place before you run headlong into new directions that may overload your personal or professional capacity.
Over my life I have set some really dumb SMART goals, purely because I set off to do something I should have never attempted or pursued. I could use the SMART Goal setting process, but it was never a CLEVER thing for me to pursue. CLEVER was developed mid 2017 and has changed my life and 100's of others lives forever. If we discover whether something is CLEVER for us to do, before we make it a SMART goal, we will line ourselves up for a dynamic and powerful life. This Course has several goal setting templates that can be used to take your goals from conception to completion in a way that empowers your life without overloading or overwhelming your life. This allows you to PLANALIFE you want to live in.

$330.00 Private session $55.00 Group sessions

1.5 hours.

BOP 12. Are you an ASSET to your Business?

The ASSET analysis is a variation to a very familiar tool called a SWOT analysis. The benefit of using the ASSET analysis is you can and will discover so much more. This tool is commonly used in recruitment, promotion, team building, identifying leadership and growth strategies. From management to the newest recruit, this exercise is invaluable in understanding what it is you bring to the table. ASSET is a dynamic tool and will help you discover more and more how to develop yourself and others in your company or organisation.

ASSET will help you press a, "Reset button" on your life and reconnect you with your purpose, direction, meaning and live a life of fulfillment.  

$220.00 Private session $55.00 Group Sessions

1.5 hours.

BOP 13 How to build an Active Layered Business Plan.

This course will allow you to create a dynamic, pwerful and strategic business plan. When we help our clients build an Active Layered Business Plan [ALBP] the whole point is to first identify where a business needs to grow and how to create an effective strategic plan for that to happen. If we don’t thoughtfully diagnose then strategically plan where growth is possible we can end up with an idealistic plan that sits in the managers filing cabinet and is never referred to or actioned upon. Information is never as important as implementation! Most MD’s or GM’s complete a business plan as a compulsory exercise for a board or a loan application then rarely refer to it. When we work through a ALBP you will use and refer to it regularly because it will be relevant and dynamic and essential for you to reach you short medium and long-term objectives in a practical, do-able way. We call it a layered plan as we encourage you to place it in the hands of everyone who will be critically connected to its success.

POA as this is unique to every business

Often this will be over one day or two half days. There are some homework exercises and preparation outside the face to face time.

BOP 14. Understanding Stress Management Principles.

There is a questionnaire we will begin with to identify the current stress level you are living under and the factors that contribute to that. Then we can have a one to one meeting in a private session to discuss stress management principles that can alleviate stress and help you move from tipping point to optimal potential. We also conduct small seminars and group sessions with teams, groups, churches, gyms, and other groups to help people understand the factors that cause stress and the principles that reduce stress. If you deliberately implement stress reducing factors into your life on a regular, planned and in a purposeful way you can plan a life that moves more towards your optimal potential rather than living life almost at your tipping point where

$330.00 Private session $55 Group Session

Duration 1.5 Hours

BOP 15 Amelioration Project.

In this course, we help clients understand how to strategically and intentionally plan a financial year for strategic and sustainable growth. we have worked with companies to establish Amelioration Growth plans from 15% to 300% growth over a single year. 
These plans are not for the faint-hearted. Amelioration of your business is a decision to explore potential and be very intentional around growth and development.
An Amelioration plan is an extremely exciting plan to stay focused yet flexible as you strategise and improvise your way to impressive changes to your revenue and with the right cost-benefit analysis and budgeting, a substantial difference to your annual profit. 

Pricing for this is unique to every company. Please call to discuss this further. Before you do, think through these 4 questions.

1. What do you want?

2. How much do you want it? 

3. What are you prepared to do to achieve this?

4. What will life look like in 3 years from now if you pursue what it is you want? 

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