If we approach our future asking questions and seeking guidance, rather than thinking we already have all we need, we will navigate our path through life with greater success.

Problems are rarely solved through the same paradigms which created them.  

The future we embrace is directly connected to the vision we carry of what the future could be.

Planalife Life Coaching

How important is it to proactively plan a life?

Will you live the next ten years of your life to the fullest, or will you simply just live the next year ten times over?

Planalife you want to live in!

I am constantly asked,"If I plan too much will I still  have freedom to be spontaneous?" In reality, a well planned life allows greater freedom, spontaneity and more enjoyable moments with greater confidence.

You will arrive somewhere that you would prefer to be!

Accidental plans will lead to accidental outcomes.

Deliberate plans to deliberate outcomes.

PLANALIFE you want to live in!

Our Story

Why do I coach?

I have often considered my life in chapters

1 - Teens, 2- Twenties, 3 Thirties and so on...

In the early days of Chapter 2, I felt like I was unstoppable. I made a lot of rookie mistakes. We began our business just after we were married and started having a family. The middle stages of chapter 3 are often the hardest. Our business was growing and we were growing as a family. In business, we seemed to have discovered the law of diminishing returns. We worked harder and harder but seemed to be making less profit.

We had to consider if our understanding of business and how it works was keeping pace with the ever-expanding opportunities in the marketplace? Fortunately, I persevered and worked on me as hard as I worked on the business.  I put the experience to work, adopted a smarter approach rather than just doing more and working harder, the business became more profitable,  life much happier and I developed a better work/life balance.

What I have found over the years, especially during the early years in business, for both myself and for most of the business owners I met is that they would be doing long hours bringing in the dollars & doing all the other areas of business after hours, taking time away from family.. I know I would have done better, especially in the early stages if I had someone navigating the path with me.

So I help people plan a life, including their business and not separate from it. I am obsessed with ensuring businesses thrive for their owners but not at the cost of broken lives, marriages and families. One client who is excellent at her skill moved to be self-employed.  The first six months were like hanging onto a roller coaster at full speed balancing kids, pregnancy, marriage, social life and of course business growth. Constantly she was telling me if it wasn’t for our relationship, choosing to have a life and business coach help her navigate this course, she would have been sunk!  We helped her plan a life, not just start a business. It is a bit like professional sports if the player doesn't cross-train their specific skill and have a voice speaking into their lives outside their own thoughts they won't be nearly as effective.

It is unique & important to have Life training with Business training as life is like a business only more complex.

We start with a one-year program designed to merge with the full life of a business owner. Our plan is to help you "Plan a life" you are excited to be living in.

Everyone has a life plan; however, some people’s life plans have not been very well thought out. They have normally emerged from observing what others have done or trial and error. Sometimes many repeating errors. What if you were able to tap into a life plan that is powerful and balanced, being dynamic enough for you to flesh out uniquely for yourself?

A plan that has the right support structure but is flexible enough to suit what you want to do with your life and help you get to where you want to be. Remember, an accidental plan will have an accidental outcome. An organised deliberate plan, with you in the driver’s seat, allows you to discover your purpose and find your desired outcome. The only thing worse than having no goals or plans is having too many unmanaged. The first person rusts out and the second person burns out.

Very few people want to always end up in exactly the same place. We can help you uniquely plan a life you are excited about living in with your destination in mind. We use the MOMENTUM LIFE GOAL PLANNING System unique to PLANALIFE and you can join a team that is changing lives all around the world.

Options are available to pay monthly or quarterly, to spread the investment you are making in yourself and your future over your cash flow. Everyone has the option to review every three months whether to continue the full year.

Ian Edwards
Managing Director

Planalife through a Business on Purpose