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5 Keys To Successful Business Planning

Welcome to “5 Keys to Successful Business Planning.” Everything we do in business has a linear and cyclic dynamic to it. The linear dynamic is reflected by the progressive growth…


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Momentum – How to Planalife you want to live in

Hi and welcome to “Momentum” I am really excited to be able to share with you the following information. The idea for Momentum began 30 years ago with some very…


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How Can your Relationship Survive your Business

This topic, in our list of short courses, is the one which motivates me the most to run short courses. My wife and I were married in 1984 and by…


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Recruitment V Hiring

One of the most critical aspects of our business is bringing others into our team to join us in what we are doing. There are two mindsets that can be…


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In Focus Marketing – book

When we are considering marketing we must think broader than advertising or just reaching the open market on the radio or T.V. Our aim is to reach, or tap into,…


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