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An accidental plan brings an accidental outcome.
Intentional plans lead to intentional outcomes.

Business On Purpose final 2 (1)

Ian Edwards Author, Speaker and Business Coach

Ian has been a Business Coach and Business Mentor for several years and has over thirty years business experience with starting and owning 5 different companies.
Business on Purpose and The Five Keys to Successful Business planning is the culmination of this experience and is a course that is applicable to

  • Start-up Brand New Businesses
  • A business that has never set a business plan in place.
  • Businesses in transition for growth and change.
  • Business in succession planning.

Our Story

For over thirty years we have been involved in business. In the early years we thought if we just worked harder then we would achieve the results we wanted to see. From owning our house, our business, all our vehicles and being debt free at the age of thirty, by age thirty two, we were in some difficult financial trouble due to uncontrolled growth and difficult market conditions to interpret.

Finally I discovered I needed support to understand how my business worked and not just rely on the fact that being proficient at the skill that drew me into business did not guarantee success in business. I needed to learn the skill of business as well as the skill I wanted to take to the market place; I needed a trusted third party to help me plan my business to be successful. I needed a coach.

About Us

At PLANALIFE we help people navigate the integration of a Business and Life plan that will dovetail with marriage and family to help our clients find the very best from a balanced life.
To achieve this, we have one focus; to see the whole person arrive where they want to be by discovering how they can proactively plan their life.



Our Services

  • Business owner/manager Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Key Person Coaching
  • Proactive Life Planning
  • Seminars, on line training and webinars.
  • Strategic Planning days
  • Short Courses


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