When it comes to marketing, consistency has power

In Week 1, we talked about knowing your intended audience.

In Week 2, we covered communication - the currency of commerce.

In Week 3, I reminded you that you are either relevant or redundant - that there is nothing in between.

Today in Week 4, our final week on the topic of marketing, I want to remind you of a great quote I once read By James Rohn, a business guru and positive thinker. He said, "If you sow, you will reap, but if you don’t sow you will weep”.

So many business run 'boom or bust'! They are either flat out or dead. In times of plenty they forget marketing because they are “too busy" - and they do it to their peril.

Now, our marketing needs to change and vary according to the seasons we are in, but it should never stop. It is consistency that has power.

Even if you are flat out, would you take on clients and customers that would pay more for your products and services than the current ones you have? Most people would say yes.

So how can we intentionally shape our marketing to reduce the hills and valleys of boom and bust and keep consistency?

If you have been in business for several years, you have cycles your business will naturally go through, and capturing data from this will allow you to read a predictability of your business. This will grow even stronger if you use the marketing data table from week 1 in Hello Marketing (3rd March). You can read the blog again on our website.

When you are building campaigns intentionally across a yearly plan for marketing, think about the following six areas you can use to create themes.

Building Campaigns

  1. Regional
  2. Seasonal
  3. Festival
  4. Relational
  5. Functional
  6. Educational

So lets break it down...

We will be covering all this and more in our upcoming “Hello Marketing” course but for now, start thinking about how to join what you do to the natural rhythms of the business annual cycles.

  • Plan regionally - thinking locally for each town
  • Work with natural momentum of the seasonal cycles
  • Enjoy the festivals and make full use of, or utilise the community mindset to your advantage
  • How can you create relational marketing through better support of existing clients and keep retention high?
  • How can you educate clients and customers on how you function as a business to build stronger connection and support. Do you need to change some of how you function to build stronger client satisfaction or attractiveness to more clients?
  • So many people can say NO because they don’t KNOW. Other people might use you for part of the service they require but are ignorant of all the services you supply. Constant education will keep you front of mind, brand aware and increasing metaphorical doorways they enter and do business with you.

Our HELLO Marketing Workshop is online and on Friday 29th April from 9am - 12:30pm.

There will be some preparation to do prior to the course and by the end of the day you will have, or be ready to have, a marketing plan ready for your new financial year 22-23.

If you want further information, please call me on 0452 399 728.

You can register online here.

The cost is $550 (incl GST) and includes an electronic version of all the planning materials you will need.

Taking half a day out of your schedule to create a marketing plan for your whole next year will be a very valuable exercise and have you ready to intentionally sow into next years business potential and set you up for the rest of your business life.



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