How Can your Relationship Survive your Business


This topic, in our list of short courses, is the one which motivates me the most to run short courses. My wife and I were married in 1984 and by 1986 we were in full time business together. I had a part time business running for a year prior to our marriage while working full time for someone else. In 2020, we celebrate 36 years married and 34 of those years have been in our full time business together.

Currently, 49% of marriages end in divorce. The average time people stay married is around 12½ years. The average age for people being divorced is 40-45 and more than 50% of couples have children.

For those couples who are in business together, the stats are even higher.

I have met many men over my business career that have grown rich enough to afford their own divorce!

This course is meant to be fun and is designed to have a look at a very serious issue in a gentle way. We will have a few laughs, share some solid truths, equip you with great tools and we will definitely not be picking on all the men! I have coached nearly 200 business owners, men and women and the stress of ownership of a business is equally shared across the genders. Men and women have so much to learn when it comes to managing their relationship when it involves owning a business.

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