Recruitment V Hiring


One of the most critical aspects of our business is bringing others into our team to join us in what we are doing. There are two mindsets that can be explored when we approach this event. One is to hire someone to do a job, and the second is to recruit for the future.

Hiring is based on the understanding that a job/task needs to be done and then you go about finding someone with the appropriate skill mix to complete the task. It can sometimes be effective and we could fluke it by finding a good person, who is ‘that round peg in a round hole’ but will they stay with us? Will it have a long-term benefit? Will we just be looking for another person six months from now?

When we hire, it is common to find that we hire through nepotism, desperation, urgency and thinking anybody with the right qualification will do, rather than a well-thought-out plan that includes our future as a company and their future as a person. We can then spend a lot of time trying to shape someone who is not right for us for the task. We had hoped to find someone who would save us time and make us money, but now they are costing us a fortune in both time and money! They are not competent, have no desire to learn and are constantly a liability rather than an asset. There is a better way to recruit rather than the ‘task and ask’ method.

If we have a mindset to recruit then we need to design a series of steps and procedures that can be linked together in a process, mixed with some thoughtful policies and introduced into a recruitment practice. If we consider that recruitment starts with the position definition (description) and moves through a process to finish at the end of a six or 12-month probation, then we can create a position that will be more effective, efficient and reliable. If we want to create a stronger team, a higher retention rate and a more consistent, reliable and mature workplace environment, we need to develop a strong recruitment process.

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