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Nearly half the clients I work with at the moment are trying to recruit. They are in a growth phase and seeing wonderful success, but they can’t find suitable recruits to fill the spaces. 

In our latest version of the “5 Keys to Successful Business Planning”, I have a section on the recruitment process and team management. In the book, I discuss when you are recruiting, are you transplanting trees or are you planting seeds? 

So what do I mean by that? To transplant a tree means that you have found someone mature in their role and they are ready to produce fruit for you as soon as you transplant them into your orchard. They come ready to produce. They have the skills tool kits, the ability to be productive and will likely be at a breakeven point in the first month, and produce profit thereafter. It is very important to transplant healthy trees into your business as early as possible to dynamically grow your talent pool and skill base, so you can increase your offering and match your talent with your emerging opportunities. 

However, in the current season, the “trees” are not there! It's like they have been cleared out! So, what can you do? Well, definitely don’t give up! But it is probably time to “grow your own” by planting seeds. Trainees, apprentices, trade assistants, juniors, learners, beginners, mentees, fledglings, raw recruits and even rookies are all other words for planting a “SEED” in your business. 

They will not be fruit-producing as fast as a qualified team member, but when there are no other choices it is time to plan an alternate route. You need to aim and adapt, be focused and flexible, and strategise in every business. 

When you are planting seeds, you will be on a different trajectory of growth and the growth has to slow down before you can see what you want to see. 

  • Step 1: Look for a willing attitude, a keen interest and a desire to learn in your industry or profession. Someone who is interested will be engaging. 
  • Step 2: Look for someone who has had part-time work through their academic years or has a deep desire to continually learn. 
  • Step 3: Use some Behavioural Analytics to understand their Learning Style, Conflict style, AB personality and Learning Pace. Another great tool we provide to all our recruits and clients is an ASSET analysis. What are their Attributes, where will they Struggle, what will be Significant about this candidate joining your team, what do they see as Emerging for themselves in this role, and what Training will you need to do specifically with this candidate compared to other candidates?

The more you learn from your candidate before they start, the less guessing time you have after they start, and to have to ask yourself, “why do they act like that?”.

We have so many behavioural analytics tools that can help you no matter what stage you are up to with your team. I am a Certified Behavioral Analyst for DISC Workplace Motivation, Driving Forces, Emotional Intelligence, Target Selling Insights, and Prepare/Enrich.  Combined with Diplomas in Business Coaching, Executive Coaching and Professional Coaching, we can help you gain insight before you make a change and help you predict the future rather than regret the past. 

Whether it is leadership development, onboarding, building a lead team or transitioning from visceral management to corporate management, we can help you with forming dynamic teams. If you would like to know more, please contact me on 0452 399 728 or send an enquiry through the website. 

I encourage you to “Planalife you want to live in through a Business on Purpose™”.    

Have and great week and remember to check out our latest podcasts at B.O.P I decided. They are all great, but the last two will Alan Nebaur are particularly interesting. 

Cheers, Ian

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