Thursdays Thoughts 20.7.23 Our Progress resides in our Priorities


When you allocate your time do you prioritise and prepare for success?

We discover our destiny through our decisions and values. We overcome many of our frustrations through intentional time management. Sometimes, doors close, to prevent you from being in the wrong room. While other doors open, to prepare you for the next stage of your progress. You will have to leave some rooms, to find new doors to open to other rooms if progress is alive in your life. Behind every yes there is a no, behind every no there is a potential yes. Learn what you personally should say yes and no to. Don’t be afraid if you overcommit to unwind and re-visit the decisions. You will need to learn your correct levels of compromise and commitment, and then stay faithful to the decisions you make. When your emotions are unstable your thinking will be irrational. So don’t make important decisions when you are emotionally unstable.

Nearly every business owner I have ever worked with tells me when we discuss structured time management that, “This is an impossible task” for them to do and that they have little control over their days as they need to be reactive and responsive. They have to attend to the immediate needs of their clients and staff. However, they all want their staff to be efficient and profitable and manage their time well. This is a very common business paradox!


While this may be true to a point until we take ownership of our time, 


“The voices in our life will always control the choices in our life if 

we become passengers and not drivers in our life plan.”  


The mathematics of finances and time management underpins every successful business. You must dedicate enough profitable, productive or profit-making hours every week to your business. If you are constantly influenced by the ‘other values’ of your time, you will never understand the ‘true value’ of your time for yourself. Time should always be prioritised around what you think is most important for yourself and the business now. 


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