Thursdays Thoughts 3.8.23 Habits

Thursdays Thoughts 3.8.23

How to Create Good Habits and Prevent Business Burnout.

I have just finished completing the 2023 Edition of the 5 Keys to Successful Business Planning and It will be Up on the Website next Tuesday. 

We have a lot of new content in this year's edition. There is a section on “How to create Good Habits, How to lose Bad Habits and how to avoid people with Toxic Habits. 

Habits are automated behaviour patterns that we have moved from our conscious mind to our subconscious mind to allow routine tasks to be completed without conscious thought. 

Good habits are great for us as they are productive for us, thoughtful to others, beneficial in efficiency and effectiveness, set good examples for other people and help us to function in predictable patterns. Good habits provide certainty for us and others. They keep consideration and certainty as part of your character traits. 

Bad habits are more detrimental to us than others. Lack of focus on completed tasks, not completing jobs, lack of attention to detail, poor hygiene, lack of consideration of other people's time, being self-indulged and messiness are common bad habits that people have in their personal and professional life. They are annoying to the person and they are annoying to others around them, in particular those married to them with good habits. But they are often people who are warm, creative, influential, fun, and as the song says, “Can’t help myself, bad habits”

Toxic Habits are a different thing altogether. In this Year's, "5 Keys to Successful Business Planning," I unpack the destructive nature of what it means to have people in your friendships, workplace, business, organisation, charity, club, family and life in general that have Toxic Habits. How can you guard yourself and others from toxic habits? How do you deal with people with Toxic Habits? How can you get them out of your groups, business and maybe even your life? How can you quarantine the effect they could have on your life? All this is covered in the 5 Keys to Successful Business Planning. 

Also in this year's edition is a great questionnaire on Identifying “Business Burnout”. How to identify it, how to prevent it and how to climb out of it if you are currently dealing with the systems.  
Remember, success is a journey, not just a destination. It's about making progress and continuously evolving towards a better version of yourself. By focusing on meaningful and sustainable changes, you'll be more likely to experience long-term meaningful fulfilment and satisfaction in your life.

To “Planalife you want to live in through a Business On Purpose” you have to be “Knowing where you are going.” Confusion, Anxiety, Bad habits, Fear, Busyness, and High Stress are all enemies to Success. 

Coaching can help you untangle any of these areas and help you through to “Love Living your Life” again. 

If you want someone to talk with or you need help on your journey “Planning a Life you want to live in,” please give me a call. 

Have a great week…Ian 



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