What are the 6 qualities that surround good leadership? Part 6 of 6

Over 6 weeks, we will be looking at the qualities that surround 'Good Leaders' - we are up to our final blog of the series.

Just a reminder that promotion to leadership can happen for various reasons. Seniority, competence, popularity or even just simply being available!

Some people may just simply assume leadership because when they look around no one else is leading. Some are elected into a role of leadership because they weren’t there to object - I literally had this happen to me in one role of leadership!

But what are the 6 qualities that will make you a 'Good Leader' and not just a leader?

I have had many roles in leadership over my life. Some were comfortable and some very challenging; but every role taught me a little more about what it is that contributes to being a good leader.

So, over this 6 week's series, I have shared with you 6 character traits to look for when choosing a leader in your business or organisation.


The best and only definition I pass on for character is ‘A person of good character does what is right because it is right.’ 

Charisma is infectious and may motivate, but a solid character breeds security. 

To 'Be of good repute' will set you apart from many other people.

An honest person will always be looking forwards. A dishonest person will always be looking backwards to cover their tracks, covering their lies, and trying to protect their reputation.

Truth is so much easier to protect than a lie.

Even as good leaders, we will make mistakes and let people down at times. But our character is shown when we live the other 5 traits consistently and deliberately in our lives to show we have the 'True Character to be a quality leader.'

Charisma may take a person to a place where their character won't keep them. 

Sadly many leaders take on roles or are promoted into roles due to their charisma, but their character fails them in long-term leadership. 

A solid character will last beyond today and will be planting seeds for a better tomorrow. 

True character will breed new leaders, captain the ship, strengthen a team, protect your vision, rally the troops, encourage the weak, give direction to the lost, hope to the stumbling, trust to the suspicious, and inspiration to the courageous.

A noble character will profit every area of your business and organisation and the dividends will be extremely high. 


  • How do you rate yourself as a leader who has a solid and reliable character
  • Would you like to move into a role of leadership and do you have the right character to do it? 
  • How is your character developing and what are you doing proactively to grow your character so you will be more valuable to others and yourself? 
  • How many of the qualities listed about your character are evident in your life now?
  • How can you learn more about the areas you need to develop your character to build your reputation to be thought of as a leader?

Corporate leadership always begins with Personal Leadership.

  • Who are you when no one else is looking?
  • Do you work on yourself?
  • Do you 'Sharpen the Saw' As Steven Covey would suggest? 
  • Are you in a role of leadership for yourself and your ego and because you like to be in control? Or are you in leadership to make a difference to your team, business, or organisation and the clients and customers you serve?
    You need to answer this with your head and your heart. 


One quality of leadership that underpins all of these qualities is Meekness. This is not a word you hear very often today.
The best definition I heard of meekness was from a Commentary of the Gospel of St Matthew when Jesus was delivering the Beatitudes. Regardless of your spiritual persuasion, there is a very valuable truth embodied in this statement. 

Blessed are the Meek - Blessed is the person who is always angry at the right time about injustice and unfairness, but never angry at the wrong time or by the wrong things because they take on offense too easily.

Blessed is the one who has every thought, impulse, and action under control because they themselves are God controlled. Such a person is a True leader. A King or Queen among all, both Men and  Women. 

Leadership is a Mantle. You must deliberately place it on your body and your mind.

This mantle covers you your thoughts, your actions and decisions, and others. It protects the integrity and authenticity of you and your business or organisation and it needs to create maturity in your team so that when it comes to Succession, the mantel can be passed on.     

The higher you climb the ladder of leadership the greater the view is of those you need to serve. 

In my book “The 5 Keys to Successful Business Planning” we walk people through how to attract, train, monitor, develop, and grow successful leaders in their business or organisation.

The E-book is now available on our website here

Well, we have reached the end of this 6 week's series. In review, how have you measured up when it comes to having these 6 qualities evident in your life?

If any one or more of these qualities needs some exercise to be fit again, train yourself or sit with a coach to bring yourself into alignment again with the traits you need to have to be authentic, valuable, and a respected leader.

Have a great week and remember to 'Planalife you want to live in through a Business on Purpose.'

Cheers, Ian

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