Are you suffering from frustration or enjoying inspiration?

Are you aware of the contributing factors to your frustration?

F Fear of the unknown circumstances you are in. You currently feel out of     control

R Regret for a decision you made and now you are living with the consequences

U Unsure or Unconfessed things you have done wrong and are trying to hide, cover-up, or suppress

S Scared of the next season of life or changes you have to make

T Time-poor.  You have overcommitted and now you are underdelivering

R Resentment for a decision you made. Relationship breakdown. Ruminating on hurtful experiences

A Anger. You tend to find you are unreasonably angry with people too much.

T Taking on the responsibility of others instead of holding them accountable. Being a people pleaser rather than being true to yourself.

I Intentionality is waning and you are losing your enthusiasm, excitement and engagement

O Opposition seems to be coming at you on multiple fronts

N Not fulfilled. Nothing ever seems to go right and mistakes are turning into failures more than you would like them to. You’ve lost control

The antidote of frustration is satisfaction. Satisfaction is normally found in great results from preparation, planning and purpose. The result or reward of satisfaction is peacefulness in our personal and professional relationships and overall life.

Living a life focused on frustration is living life in a negative mindset.

Living life with inspiration is living life in a positive mindset.

If we are constantly annoyed or frustrated by our time management, relationships, income or performance, it is because we are not changing what needs to be changed. What frustrates us needs to INFORM us of what it is that needs to change and not just be constantly annoying us.

When we discover what it is we need to change then imagination and inspiration will create a MOVING FORWARD plan for this change to happen so we don’t leave what we have discovered is frustrating us the same way. I believe one of, if not the hardest thing to achieve in business is EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT from ALL of our employees.

The more frustrated our employees feel the less engaged they will be. So, while it is not easy, it is essential! Reduce frustration every time you discover it in your business and set your minds on  “Moving Forward Plans”.  Then remember we get what we Inspect not always what we Expect. Keep a careful eye on the changes you implement to be sure that they are taking effect. Focusing on reducing frustration may not be as successful as focusing on Satisfaction. What would make us all satisfied in areas of our relationships, productivity, performance, delivery, service and experience? Focusing on a positive is creating a vision of what could be and remember, Vision precedes discipline, alignment, motivation, planning. When we achieve true satisfaction across all levels of relationship a higher goal of excellence may be pursued. However, satisfaction is the benchmark and never put too much pressure on your staff to perform at levels that are beyond their ability.

Place yourself in the driver’s seat.

Most of the choices in our life tend to bend towards the loudest voices in our life because they are screaming to have our attention. Most of our free or available time will be surrendered to the loudest bidder saying, “Will you…” in the loudest most impressionable/ influential  voice. If we have a solid character, we will have discernment as to the choices we make. Where we are today is a combination of all the choices we have made in the past and where we will be in the future is relative to all the choices we are making today. Right choices, right journey, right future. Wrong choices, wrong journey, wrong future. You can have a lot of activity without accomplishment If everyone else is in the driver's seat of your vehicle.

When we are emotionally unstable our thinking will become irrational. We need to avoid making important choices in or under certain conditions. When we are tired, emotionally unstable, physically or mentally sick, under too much stress, pressure or not planning well, our choices become irrational. Greater clarity and better choices come with a calmer disposition.

If you are having difficulty in planning a life you want to live in or your business has gone “off purpose”, please get in touch and we can help you get back on track.



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