How to prevent activity without accomplishment

I love four wheel driving and getting out in the bush discovering new tracks and places. We have crossed the Great Dividing Range in over 45 different places and are planning some new tracks for this summer.

Donna and I are often looking to find the road less travelled. Last year we set a course and followed a track to a new place we wanted to get to on a lake near Laurieton. The track turned out to be so wet, as we ventured in as far as we dare, we discovered a swarm of mosquitoes and had to retreat as fast as we could. Donna nearly wet herself in the car as I did my mosquito dance in the middle of the swamp. There was a lot of activity but nothing was accomplished. We will have to have another go at this track in a different season.

I recently had a conversation with 5 senior accountants and asked them this question: “Of all the businesses you work with, who actually has a business plan that is active? One they use and follow?"

The answer was none!

We all know those in business who fail to plan, in reality are planning to fail.

How long has it been since you really looked at your business plan, set goals and objectives, invited your team into the conversation of where you want to be in 4,8,12 quarters from now and followed the map or plan to get there?

Are you spinning the wheels but not creating any traction?

Traction is critical to success.

How many profitable hours do you produce every week?
What profit margin do you consistently achieve? What are you aiming for?
Are you better in your business now than this time last year?
Is your team more valuable today than they were last year?
Have you grown in Quality and Quantity?
Are you living under the circumstances or in control?
Do you still have an Active Layered Business Plan for the next stage of your growth?
Are you full of energy or exhaustion?

Allocate - Prioritise - Prepare

Time is allocated. We use words to describe time like: busy, lost, found, made up, lazy, wasted, cherished, special, precious, little, lots, short, long, spent and so on and so on.

The reality is, time is just allocated, prioritised and prepared for by whatever we choose to make the most important.

Zig Ziglar quote

However, most of our free time will be surrendered to the loudest voice or the loudest bidder.

This is because, too often, the voices in our life create the choices in our life!

We need to reclaim our freedom by making our choices considering others' needs but not controlled by other’s needs.

The business that aims at nothing is sure to hit nothing! We need to make our plan and follow it, not being distracted by the pull of others.

The word AMELIORATION means to strengthen, or the act of making something better; to create improvement intentionally.

Progress begins with the amelioration of your business. While accidental plans will lead to accidental outcomes, in the sense you could be lucky; sometimes we can make our own luck by being intentional. Intentional plans lead to intentional outcomes.

There is an old saying in business, ‘The harder you work the luckier you get.’ At the very least, Amelioration Planning in your business will give you quantifiable or measurable outcomes that can be sourced and examined through data tools and help you create planned growth.

Data tells a story. Do you know the story of your business? Is it a happy story, or a horror?

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