Happy Mother’s Day

Just a gentle reminder, don’t forget Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all my amazing past and present clients who are 'Mums in Business' - You have two full-time workloads!

Many years ago a young mum, who I was coaching, came in and told me she would have to close her business. I was shocked and I asked, “Why"? Everything she had already achieved in her business was outstanding and I had absolutely no idea why she would say this.

She said to me, “You can’t be a good mum and businesswoman at the same time”.

I asked why she was feeling this way and she told me an influential person in her life who had strong views about being a 'Stay at home Mum' had told her this. 

Now, if there is something I have learned over the 40 years I have been in business is, "An opinion is a survey of one” and they are not always valid. There are lots of opinions out there and many of them are totally irrelevant to you.

If you listen to every opinion you hear you will tie yourself in knots.

However, it was a very real fear my young client had that her family may suffer from having a divided focus. She had a very real and valid desire to be a great mum like her own mother. 


FEAR - is it Rational or Irrational?

When people come to me with these types of fears and concerns I draw the words FEAR down the side of my whiteboard and we discuss the fear the client has to see if it is rational or irrational.

Even irrational fears can be relevant to our decision-making process if we let these irrational fears influence our emotions and logic.

F - Facts- What are the facts? Do the FACTS support or refute the fear? 

E - Evidence - Is there evidence that supports this fear being valid or it is really invalid?

A - Apparent - Apparently this could be a possible outcome. it could be a suggestion, circumstance, opinion or comment that has struck a chord with us because of an internal belief we carry or a traditional value we cherish.

R - Reality - What is the reality of the situation that the facts and evidence support? Why has the apparent created an influence on a decision-making process? 


What was my client's Reality?

If we continue to unpack the story above I discovered that a person my client greatly admired expressed her opinion about balancing motherhood and business.

Her opinion was that they would mix, but we decided to look at the Facts, Evidence, and Reality.

Facts - She was and is an amazing, diligent, thoughtful, highly skilled, extremely dedicated mum and businesswoman. Her son adored her. Her husband was very proud of her and fully supported her decision to be in business. She was very astute in finding harmony between her personal and professional life. 

Evidence- The business and marriage were flourishing. She was making plenty of time for her son. She developed a great support network of family to support her during work hours. She used time unit management scheduling to be sure there was no wasted time at work and the major benefit was that wherever she was she could be invested there.

Reality - Today the business has 15 staff and is kicking major goals. There is both personal and professional satisfaction and hundreds of lives have been touched and changed through her business. 


My Message to all the Mums!

I have had the privilege of coaching over 150 women in business and I am so proud of their courage and determination. The amazing approach they have to building solid, profitable, and difference-making businesses while still being exceptional mums, friends, daughters, sisters, and partners. 

You definitely can be a great mum and businesswoman.

I hope you have an amazing Mother's Day and are appreciated in every way.

If you have a Mum who is in business or a partnership, who has an executive position, or who carries a leadership position in any way, remember this 'Mother's Day' to reach out with an extra compliment and thank them for their double investment into your life.

Let them know they are doubly loved and appreciated. 

I want to say a huge thank you to all the amazing women I watch 'Planalife they want to live in through a Business on Purpose.' 

I want to thank my amazing wife who has been in business with me for nearly 40 years. She is an incredible mum and the most loving and supportive grandmother. You are a highly respected and wonderful example to so many young women of how to professionally and personally live in harmony and excel at motherhood and business. Thank you, my Donna.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful Sunday. 

Cheers, Ian.

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