HELLO Marketing Part 1

During March,  we are going to focus in on marketing. I have been in business now for nearly 38 years and I think I have heard nearly every conceivable comment there is around marketing.

“Oh yeah, we don’t do any marketing!” This normally means they are ignorant of the fact every conversation they have about their business has an element of marketing about it. Their fixed and mobile signage on vehicles is marketing, the reviews being left on Google are marketing, their current client/customer base is a potential for marketing. I could go on and on about how nearly everything we do as a company has an element that can be traced back to contributing to brand, position, profile, reputation, repeat business, referrals, client connection, lead generation etc

Marketing our business needs to be directly connected to our business plan. If you often read Thursday Thoughts, you may remember that in a previous blog I was training 5 Senior Accounts, from an award-winning Accountancy firm in Queensland, in the Business on Purpose Profit Assessment Tool (BOPPAT). I asked how many clients they worked with collectively and it was approx. 400. I then asked “How many of those clients have an Active Business Plan they are following? The answer…. A big donut! Zero.

Marketing need to be connected to your plan to grow your business. Now, there are many aspects to marketing, and we will have a little fun exploring all of those this month.

In our HELLO Marketing course, we dive deeper into these 3 questions but today we will look at 3 things briefly.

  1. Do you know who your intended audience is?
  2. Do you have an annual plan or do you just market adhoc?
  3. Do  you have metrics in place to measure your results?

Do you know who your intended audience is? 

Our HELLO Marketing course is all about getting a response and not an echo. I remember as a kid standing at Echo Point in the Blue Mountains of NSW and screaming at the top of my voice “HELLO”. I would hear the echo come back as it floated down the valley. HELLO HELLO HELLO, but nobody was answering me. There was no one there in all the noise but me!

The last thing we ever want our marketing to do is to create an echo. We already know everything about our products and services and if at the end of our marketing we are lonely with an echo as our only response then we missed the mark. We must change our approach.

When examining your target audience, you will need to learn it is “Not everybody, it is somebody”.

Can you truly identify the following information about your target audience and their characteristics?

  • Demographic
  • Geographic
  • Idiosynchrosy
  • Reason to purchase or buy, and
  • Income level

Take some time now and have a go. After reading this blog of course! See how much you know and have really researched about the preferred customer/client you want to reach and how effectively you are doing it?

Do you have an annual plan or do you just market adhoc?


The three key factors of marketing are Message, Mode, Marketplace.

Our Message needs to be clear, concise and connected. It needs to provide a solution.

Our Mode needs to be efficient, effective and engaging.

Our Marketplace is people, potential and problems that need a solution.

The three golden rules of business and marketing:

  1. Investigate need, want, desire and potential
  2. Intentionally design solutions for the need, want, desire or potential
  3. Implement strategies to move products, services to relieve the need, want, desire or potential

When we truly have a plan for marketing, we don’t switch of when we are busy, we aim higher to create connection with as many level one clients as we possibly can. [Just call me if you want to know more about Level 1-5 client classifications]

Switching off all your marketing or not being active and present in a market place because you are BUSY, is taking a backward step in developing your plan. Remember BUSY stands for Buried Under Saying Yes. Many businesses get busy but with the wrong clientele. Reflect, refine and relaunch marketing that has engagement. Never stop.

Do  you have metrics in place to measure your results? 


The is an ancient Greek proverb that states, “The unexamined life is not worth living!” It is attributed to Socrates - a renowned philosopher. This applies to every area of our life and business. We MUST measure our marketing effectiveness.

Data tells a story. So, it is important to record and review your information well to receive the best story.

This is a simple but powerful little tool to remind you to measure:

Does your marketing plan create connections, conversations, conversions, customers/clients?  If it is not working, don’t stop marketing - stop wasting money and fix it so it does work. You will rarely get all of your marketing strategy right at the first attempt, but in the words of the great Winston Churchill, “Never Give Up”.

He who whispers down the well about the things he wants to sell, will never make as many dollars as he who climbs the hill and hollers!

We love helping people “Planalife they want to live in through a Business on Purpose.” If you are ready for this, I would love to have a conversation with you. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Redefine, redesign and relaunch!

Have a great week and I look forward to seeing you for Part 2 of Hello Marketing.





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