How Can Your Relationship Survive Your Business – Part 2

There is a line I heard many years ago that when applied to a relationship is all two true.

“Opposites attract and then attack!”

This very sad reality stems from the fact that we are often attracted to people who are our opposite because what we see in them is a strength that compensates for our weakness. If we are outgoing and boisterous, risk averse and a little crazy, it doesn’t take long to figure out that may not be the best approach to every problem and challenge.

So then we meet someone who is calm and collected, stable and secure, predictable, sensible, levelheaded, balanced, frugal, careful at making choices and we think to ourselves, “ I think I need someone like that in my life to help me even out a little bit”.

In theory this sounds great and ideal however, in reality we have just found a person so opposite to us that their strengths will become our accusations. What attracts us to them will intensify the feeling of inadequacy inside of us because, “They are so good at this and we SUCK”.

Now the same person you were admiring is eyeing you off as well. They are looking at you and saying to themselves, “I really need to be around [you]. I am so quiet and boring, afraid or awkward with people, I never know what to say and they seem to know every opening line there is!” They are comfortable, happy go lucky, fun and don’t seem to me like they have a care in the world. Why can’t I be like that?

So we bring these two together and what seemed so attractive now becomes acusitive. Why do you want to buy that? We can’t afford it! Why do you want to be around other people all the time and not just with me? Don’t you have any fun? Do you have to be so negative ALL the time? Do you have to be so positive ALL the time? Well, I am just a realist! Realist my foot, you're just a pessimist and I like being with optimists!

And so on and so on it goes till we back into our corners and regroup ready for tomorrow's issues, or try to solve it all with make up sex.

When these clashes are happening before you even enter the world of business, the intensity of the difference intensifies to even greater levels.

Each year I run a course called, “How can your relationship survive your business?” for the very reason of learning how to negotiate and navigate the challenge of difference, in relationships, marriages, partnerships, friendships, and the effect it will have on your business.

Navigating our primary relationship with our most significant person in our life is not easy - it is essential.

Some of the issues we will discuss are:

  • Appreciating difference and using it to our advantage. When the two become one, the best one the two become is the best of both of who we are.
  • How to extend grace and mercy when expectations are broken before they are spoken.
  • How to read and know your partners' love language and how to truly appreciate them
  • What does effective listening and communication look like?
  • How do we act in conflict and how will that affect our oneness?

And many other topics. Each couple who attends will receive a Prepare Enrich profile with their partners. This is an independent assessment of the two of you and allows you to have more insight into how you are going at this point in time and what are some of the important things you could work on in your relationship to help you grow personally, grow to appreciate each other more, and take your relationship to a new level where you can really Planalife you want to live in.

If you are married, on your wedding day you made an unconditional promise to an imperfect person! How are you going living out that promise?

So many people I have coached in this space of understanding relationships in light of working together or even being in a relationship with someone else who is in business, think that they are the only one who must be struggling with this. The reality is we are all struggling and need support and reminders about how we can do it better.

If you a newbie and this is your first time to attend this course, please register. If you are a veteran and have done the course before or been in business a long time, there is new content every year and I am positive you will take something away.

Our cost for the course is minimal at $110 (incl GST) which is mostly the cost of the profile. I am very passionate about this as I want to see people who are passionate giving into their business for the sake of relationship and family success, receive the reward and benefit of all their hard work and not just grow rich enough to afford their own divorce.

If you are in business together, if you are in a relationship where your partner is in business, if you are considering being in business and you are in a relationship, this course is what you need. I am so confident it will help you, that I offer a full refund to attendees who think I am a load of croc!

We have seen hundreds of marriages, partnerships and relationships change when people start to approach issues from a new paradigm and a new perspective.

I love to help people Planalife they want to live in through a Business on Purpose”™

So, if you are ready to enjoy your business and relationship - hop on board.

Register today! Remember there is no pleasure in procrastination.

Date: Monday 30th May

Time: 7-9pm

Address: 36 Macquarie Street, Bolton Point

Supper is provided.

Registration essential through the website. We will share the link next week.

Cost: $110 including the Prepare/Enrich Profile.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Cheers Ian

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