How Can Your Relationship Survive Your Business – Part 3

In the early days, when I started running this course, I would have a lot of women come but nearly no men. So the first thing I want you to know is that this is not a beat up on men that work too hard and are away from their wife and kids a lot. It is exactly the opposite.

I have met many people in business whose catch cry for hard work, long hours, and many sacrifices  has been, “I am doing all of this for a better life!”

Then when life comes tumbling down around their family they can’t understand why.

You actually can Plan a life you want to live in through a Business on Purpose - it is not a myth.

If however, we are constantly BUSY (Buried Under Saying Yes), the simple answer is we may be saying too many yes’s to the wrong things. Saying Yes and No to the right thing is a simple adjustment when you know your values as a family and not just your business values.

For many years when my Uncle would travel to the Blue Mountains to visit my sister and her family, he would tell me of the route he would take and the rest stops that he had planned out. He had his picnic basket and thermos and paced his journey. It would take about 3 ½ hours to do a 2 hour trip.

I would explain how, if he just stuck to the highway and the main roads how much time he would save. One day when I was traveling up the Mid North Coast, I stopped to refuel and was speaking to a tourist in a camper van.

I asked how his trip was going and he answered, “There is not much to see on this road. Everyone was telling me how beautiful all the beaches are in Australia and I haven't seen a single one!”

I mentioned to him that all the beaches are not on this main road, they are on the “Tourist Drives” off the expressway. I recommended some turnoffs they should take and some tourist drives they should follow. I gave then inside information about side roads worthy of a drive and some must-see lookouts.

Getting back into my car, I realised how much of life is missed on the highway; the faster way, the busy way. Yes it is faster, but is the quality of life you want truly measured by ‘faster?’

When Donna and I travel to our family holiday house at Bonny Hills on the Mid North Coast, my kids always brag about how they beat me there and how fast they made it. Donna and I stop nowadays for our cups of tea, hot chips with gravy. We have our rest stops, some now compulsory due to our age and some simply because we want to stop and stretch.

Our course, “How can your relationship survive your business” is a stop and stretch break in your busy schedule of life. It's time to have some hot chips and gravy and learn how to enjoy the journey and not just reach the destination faster.

A successful relationship should be an equal goal to a successful business. So, it may take a little longer on the scenic route but your success will also last a lot longer and be a whole lot more fun. You wont be sick and tired of being sick and tired. You wont grow rich enough to afford your own divorce - ending up with half of what you killed yourself for. Success in both relationship and business is true success anyway.

We will discuss the four keys of any relational success:

  1. Connectedness - How can we keep it?
  2. Communication - How can we constantly improve this?
  3. Compromise - What is healthy and unhealthy compromise?
  4. Conflict - What's my conflict style and how can I keep away from conflict or deal with it in healthy ways?

Each couple who attends will receive a Prepare Enrich profile with their partner. This is an independent assessment of the two of you and allows you to have more insight into how you are going at this point in time and what are some of the important things you could work on in your relationship to help you grow personally, grow to appreciate each other more and take you relationship to a new level where you can really planalife you really want to live in.

If you are married, on your wedding day you made an unconditional promise to an imperfect person! How are you going living out that promise?

If you are a newby to a relationship and this is your first time to attend this course, please register. If you are a veteran and have done the course before or been in business a long time, there is new content every year and I am positive you will take something away.

Our cost for the course is minimal at $110 (inc GST) per couple which is mostly the cost of the profile. I am very passionate about this course as I have seen it transform couples' relationships.

If you are in business together, if you are in a relationship where your partner is in business, I am so confident it will help you that I offer a full refund to anyone who attends and thinks I am a load of croc!

We have seen hundreds of marriages, partnerships and relationships change when people start to approach issues and their relationship from a new paradigm and a new perspective.

I love to help people Planalife they want to live in through a Business on Purpose”.

So, if you you are ready to enjoy your business and relationship, hop on board and register.

Don’t delay! Remember there is no pleasure in procrastination! There is a limit of 25 couples.

7-9pm on Monday 30th May 2022

Address: 36 Macquarie Street, Bolton Point

Supper is provided

Registration is essential through the website.

Cost $110 including the Prepare/Enrich Profile.

I look forward to seeing you there!




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