What do you do when your “Weekdays are Weak days”

Well, August has come and gone and we are now starting the last month of our first quarter. How has it gone for you? As mentioned in a previous blog, many people in August suffer from the “Blues and Blahs”, but in September they come alive again.

They have a “spring in their step” return.  

It is wonderful when this inspiration returns, but what do you do when your weekdays are "weak days"? What happens when you don’t get the spring back into your step? When every weekday becomes a weak day, it is time to remember “something changes WHEN something changes”. We can’t do what we have always done and expect a different result. 

The difference between being “in the groove” and being “in a rut” is very different. When we are “in the groove”, we know all the steps and our confidence is sky high. Every conversation seems to have a positive result, our leads are consistently converting into sales and our business just seems to be humming. There just seems to be sweet music that is following us around. 

When we are in a rut it is completely the opposite. When in a rut, we feel like we can’t take a trick. Leads dry up, conversions don’t happen, productivity drops, staff sick days accumulate, things break down and wear out or need replacing, bad debt rises, cashflow drops, client complaints seem to come in and they seem to be more about really petty issues and so on. 

Only we can take ourselves out of the rut. Remember that “something changes WHEN something changes.” The late great Zig Ziglar said, "it's your attitude, not your aptitude that will determine your altitude."

The difference between a rut and a grave is two feet! If we stay in our rut till we die, it won't take too much to bury us. If we take our two feet out of the rut and place them on the new ground then we have freedom again to decide the direction of our lives and help us planalife we want to live in.

There have also been times when I have had to place “my issues in some tissues”. It is not unmanly to have a good old cry and let it all out. It can be very therapeutic for the soul. Better out than holding on to the tension and grief. 

I have had to do this many times in my life and I am so thankful I did it. I hate feeling stuck. I recently wrote a chart of acronyms that describes this really well. See where you fall in this chart. 

If you circle the words that most describe where you are right now, you will begin to discover what you need to change to move out of the rut and get yourself back on the high ground. 

If you are having difficulty with any of this, we have many tools that can help you move towards harmony. You decide the life you want to live in. It is really up to you. 

Have a great week and “Planalife you want to live in through a Business on Purpose” and you will love living life regardless of your current circumstances. 

Cheers Ian

time for change


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