Leadership Qualities – Be on the lookout to build your team!

“If you think you're leading, but no one is following, then you are only taking a walk.” - John Maxwell

Today I want to focus again on finding leaders. Whether you import leadership or grow your own, I think you will find the following extract from our new 2022 version of “5 Keys to Successful Business Planning” very interesting. We will have printed copies available by the end of June.

What are the qualities of a leader?

Charisma: Charisma may take you or a candidate in your organisation to a position of leadership where their character won’t keep them. However, when you are looking to lead or promote staff to senior leadership roles the following qualities are essential identifiers in promoting safety. Leadership is influence, and people with charisma generally have more influence. However, while a charismatic person with no substance can be a dangerous addition to your team, a person with good morals, ethics, and authenticity (but lacking in charisma) will find it very difficult to influence and persuade others. Look for the other following qualities to add to charisma and uncover a good leader.

Confidence: A person who is confident without being arrogant has the potential to lead. Confidence that is based on a person having a sound and honest opinion of who they are will be the best type of candidate to work with. They will be a key asset to help progress the business. Their poise will be proven by their relationship with their subordinates and you will know exactly where to help them continue their growth. Peers and subordinates will be drawn to someone with confidence.

Caring: The higher we climb the ladder of success, the greater the view there is of those we are serving. A key leader who cares, believes that as they grow others should have the opportunity to grow too. A caring leader understands that they are in partnership with their other leaders and subordinates in achieving the best possible outcome for all concerned; management, staff, clients and customers.

Consistent: Consistency in your candidates for leadership will be noticed by all who follow. There will be good and bad days ahead, highs and lows, but your leader’s consistency in their approach to their life and their role should not be controlled by circumstances. They must transcend the immediate and be focused on, and progressively moving towards the objective, regardless of the circumstances. They must be solution-focused more than emotionally reactive. When in a leadership role, consistency aids security to all subordinates and confidence from their leader makes all their followers believe they have chosen the right person to follow. Consistency has power. Consistency breeds trust. Consistency provides certainty.

Character: The best and only definition I pass on for character is, ‘A person of good character does what is right because it is right.’ Charisma is infectious and may motivate, but a solid character is secure. Be of good repute. An honest person will always look forwards and a dishonest person will always be looking backwards to cover their tracks and lies, trying to protect their reputation. A solid character will last beyond today and will be planting seeds for a better tomorrow. Charisma can and often is a trait of a person with good character, but it is not the only trait to be looking for.

A good leader is thorough, tenacious and teachable and these are three great traits to be looking for all the time when measuring someone's character. When you find them, you will have the potential for a terrific new leader to appoint.

Lastly, monitor your new leader carefully. Use KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). Call or have meetings to check their progress. If people are following them then you have a new leader, and if they are not following your appointed person, that person is just going for a walk deluding themselves about their leadership ability. Deal with this quickly.

Promoting a person to a level of incompetence will neither be good for them or your organisation.  Deal with it sooner rather than later – if your appointed leader is not leading, then a natural leader not of your choosing will more than likely be emerging, and you could end up with a mutiny or at the least, a disgruntled, frustrated workplace.

The 5 Keys to Successful Business Planning will be released by the end of June, just in time for our annual Business on Purpose Workshop in July.

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Thanks again… Ian



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