Business is so much easier when you deal with your busyness

The effects of ambient stress, residual stress and busyness will be long-term. Cramping too much into today has a residual and often damaging effect on tomorrow.

Do you know what 'eustress' means?

And have you an idea of how you could intentionally design your life and professional responsibilities around it?


Eustress is described colloquially as having a correctly weighted amount of stress in your life. The dictionary says eustress is moderate or normal psychological stress, interpreted as being beneficial for the experiencer i.e. you, your staff, your family and your business.


Having the right level of personal eustress is critical to your emotional and physical health.

Having the right level of eustress in your life and business dictates the importance of:

  • planning the correct levels of changes you want to create
  • strategic and measurable goals
  • amelioration processes across your business that are well defined and communicated,  well supported and sustainable at any one time
  • deliberate planning for personal replenishment and renewal. How will I take time out to sit on my “R’s”?

This will include each and every aspect of your life and business.

The BOPPAT is a great place to begin an evaluation of the stress levels, change points, growth areas and the potential you want to pursue across your business.

Having unbalanced stress across your business is often because you are ignoring the things that really need to change and you are not making gradual change as required, or you are changing too many things at once.


What do you need to change?

Where are you ignoring change?

These are two vital questions to ask yourself in every evaluation of your personal and professional life.

Optimal Performance

To move from being bored or being overwhelmed or distressed, towards optimal performance will require us to develop ourselves first.

Seeing improvement in this process will require accountability and self-discipline. Staying at your optimal performance level will require the above and then developing others around you, to pick up the extra load. Learning to say yes to the right opportunities and not to new opportunities takes you away from eustress. They may just be great opportunities that are premature for their time in the business.

Taking our team on the journey with us is how we open ourselves to more opportunities. If we keep trying to do everything ourselves, we will reach a point of fatigue, exhaustion, bad health and eventually breakdown and burnout. Therefore, building the right team is essential to our eustress being maintained.

Listing the values of your business, developing role descriptions, role responsibilities and role expectations around employees, having clear objectives and harmonious goals between your personal and professional life, will all contribute to maintaining eustress.

Relationships happen in the margins of your life. If you write the story of your life from one side of the page to the other, you will never have the margins you need and the space you need to develop meaningful relationships.

Think through your planning for this year.

  • Where are you going to place some margins in your time map?
  • What do you need to do to reduce your stress and increase your capacity?
  • How are you going to Planalife you want to live in?

If you are struggling, please book an appointment and we can help you love living life again and make 2022 your best year yet. Business is so much easier when you deal with your busyness.



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