Do you really know who you are?

Read the next 10 questions and see how many you can answer truthfully, in a positive way.

  1. Do you know why you do what you do?
  2. Do you know why you have certain habits and where and how they were formed?
  3. Do you understand why you have certain behavioural traits?
  4. Do you know what it is that motivates you and why some things are difficult and other things you love doing?
  5. Do you understand and know your level of EQ Emotional Intelligence?
  6. Do you know your learning style? (Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic?)
  7. Do you know why you act the way you do in conflict or when you are being disciplined? Do you know what causes you stress and how to manage stress?
  8. Do you know your personality type?
  9. Do you know your internal driving forces?
  10. Can your regulate yourself and adjust to the conditions to still have peace regardless of the circumstances?

During February, I'm going to go over some of the benefits of behavioural analytics. We will discover together that when we truly understand ourselves we take our first steps towards really understanding others.

In every part of life and business, our communication and connection to others is improved by behavioural analytics. The traits we have that form gaps, barriers and drains in relationships erode by a greater understanding of the roots and fruits of our true self.

Lets look at the first two:

1. Do you know why you do what you do? 

Our actions are partly formed by our intentions, disciplines, desires, combinations of behaviour, motivation and emotional intelligence.

Desire - Motivation - Results

Discipline - Motivation - Results

When we have a desire to do something, we have no problem getting the motivation for tasks and we gravitate towards results. When we have no desire, discipline will be the starter motor to motivation that will bring results.

Now, discipline falls into two categories. Firstly, we need accountability and then self-discipline. We need someone to help us in the form of a mentor, manager, coach or counsellor, to help us with accountability. When we practice new paradigms of action and motivation, and we see enough good results, self -discipline will often kick in.

2. Do you know why you have certain habits and where and how they were formed? 

Habits are formed in our hurts and happiness. They are automated behavioural actions embedded into our processes to subconsciously manage repetitious behaviour.

What we have been hurt from in the past will form habits of avoidance, and what has made us really happy will form habits that promote behaviour we hope will bring happiness, pleasure and benefits to us again.

There is also a difference between bad habits which just might hurt us and toxic habits that pollute the environment around us. The more we know our why and work through our habits, we can start to create correction and learn how to live an enhanced life. This is where you can begin to PLANALIFE you want to live in.

Next week will we look at 3.4.5.

So where is all this important to our life?

If we are looking at readying ourselves for promotion, leadership and taking on more responsibility, understanding people, learning how to work with people and how to get the most from them, can all be helped with Behavioural Analytics [BA].

Whether it is leading a family or a workforce, BA will set you apart in innovation, connection, communication and respect from others. You will become more authentic to who you are, and the traits you love about yourself and the ones you would love to change.

If you would like to know more, I am a certified Behavioural Analyst and would love to have a DISCovery session to help you understand how to “Know Thyself”.



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