Are you an entrepreneur, or just self-employed?

Today I would like to discuss the difference between being self-employed and being an entrepreneur. Many people start a business to create a wage equal to or slightly more than they would be working for someone else.

They have a glass ceiling that hovers over their potential. Many people have issues with self-esteem, self-efficacy or understanding their true potential. This stands in the way of not only creating a reasonable wage but profits that will allow funds to form a future.

A company with a goal for a healthy profit is not greedy, it is generous in shaping the future potential for its owner and other potential staff.

After working with over 250 companies now, all the profitable ones reinvest in growth, employment, philanthropy, and helping others create their own future.

When we own a business there is a lot more to it than just recovering a wage for our trade and professional service. All the overheads associated with a profitable business need to be recovered as well. If you are only producing an income equivalent to what you would receive working for someone else you may as well do this.

Are you ready to change from being self-employed to being an entrepreneur?

Success is where opportunity intersects with preparation. All business owners are not entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur is someone with courage, determination, and consistency. They see significance as an equal aspiration to their success. They see risks as opportunities, and many times, create the future we all enjoy living in today. Entrepreneurs are pioneers, explorers and future-focused on solving tomorrow's problems today.

Entrepreneurs are not just happy to create a wage for themselves, they are creating futures for many.

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have ideas that could change not just your circumstances but the future of many others?

A glimpse is a baby vision, and if you would like to change your glimpse from what 'could be' into a reality, I would love to talk with you some more. When you have a desire in your heart to truly create a future that is special and unique it does not leave you alone.

You will spend many hours ruminating, creating scenarios, shadow boxing and consumed by possibility. The best thing you can do is to have a conversation with someone about whether what is consuming your mental real estate has a valid market space potential.

There will be some positive steps you can take towards seeing if this is the right time to launch your idea and pick it up with two hands and run with two feet or to wait and investigate it a little more.

I mentioned in December, the future we embrace is directly connected to the vision we carry of that future and our perceived ability to make this become a reality. What are you dreaming about for 2022? What is consuming your thinking? What do you think is in your next season of life? What challenges are you shadow boxing at the moment?

I have had many clients over the years who have turned their glimpse of what could be into reality. It is a tremendous privilege to take a journey with passionate entrepreneurs as they walk into their desired futures and help them Planalife they want to live in through a Business on Purpose.

Our next Business on Purpose workshop has a focus of Business by Design, and will have you arriving at the end of 2022 intentionally. This 4-week interactive workshop will be delivered live, online via Zoom on each Wednesday evening in February. You can find out more and register here. Our expert presenters will cover all topics of business including strategy, people, managing your financials, and social media marketing. These will be interactive sessions with Q&A each week to 'ask the expert' any questions you have specific to your business.

We hope to see you there.


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