Celebrate and Separate

This is an exercise we complete every year in December with our clients. In my sister's business, they call it “Kick or Keep

It doesn’t matter too much what you call this exercise, it is just essential you do it! I have been using “Celebrate and Separate” for more years than I can remember.

If you can imagine that the 31st of December is a line in your life, what is it that you want to develop more of in your life next year?
What is it that you want to keep on this side of that line to make sure it no longer affects us in our life ever again?

You want to prune it out of your life. Removing some things from your life is just as critical as the things you add to your life.

I personally conduct a practice called “Zero Based Programming.”
Intentionally I resign from all my commitments I have outside my Family and Business and make a deliberate decision to only pick up things that make my life not just full but meaningful in the new year.

The obvious difference is, “What is it that gives meaning to my life?” I want more of what brings true meaning to life rather than just being BUSY - Buried Under Saying Yes

Across the year you may either deliberately or be ‘Sucked in’ to say yes to things that with 20/20 hindsight you wished you would have said a big NO to!

So, what is it you want to celebrate this year?


Victories, Successes, Moving Forward, Taking into next year. 

  • Opportunities ready to personally grow next year.
  • Business Growth potential.
  • New ideas and paradigms to solve some unanswered questions from this year.
  • Ready to launch ideas from my  “Thought bank.” Those good ideas waiting for their right time.
  • Something new you experienced this year and you want more of in your life. 
  • Something you do that you can see being a more significant part of your life.

What is it about this year that has really excited and inspired you? 

What do you absolutely want more of in your life and business? 

What were your success points that you can see more success coming from? 

How have you “Loved living life” this past year? 

What did you adopt this year that changed your life and you can’t wait to see more of in your life? 

Now, what are you wanting to separate from your life this coming year? 


What is it you want to - Leave behind, Let Go of, Disconnect, Prune, Reduce, Stop or End?

  • What are the inefficiencies in your life and business?
  • What is redundant that you are still doing or holding on to? 
  • What can you recognize as ineffective and needs to stop or change?
  • What are the “Broken parts of life or business''?
  • What slows you down, creates gaps or barriers, or drains, and reduces your potential?
  • What decreases your energy or causes tension or creates a “Cringe Factor”?

Have some fun over the next week exploring this exercise so you have a whole month to be ready to “Planalife you really want to live in next year.”

If you are having any difficulties in planning, please send an email or give me a call.

You are more than welcome to share some of your thoughts with me. Sometimes this can give you the conviction to make the change.

The rest of your life can only be the best of your life when you intentionally design it to be this way. Remember, “Anything is possible, what is probable is what you plan!”

We have part 2 next week and will cover what you do with these lists and how can you turn them into something truly valuable!

Have a great week… Ian

Image of confetti in the sky as a celebration theme.


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