Is there a “Perfect Time or a Right Time” to choose to do something?

Several years ago my wife and I spent a wedding anniversary weekend in the Hunter Valley of NSW Australia.

It was a beautiful weekend and an absolutely stunning place to enjoy. If you have never been to the Hunter Valley I would really encourage you to go there. 

On Saturday, we had a Horse and Cart tour of five different Vineyards. They were smaller or ‘boutique-style’ Vineyards and had we a chance to sample wine and learn about the whole process of winemaking.

We also learnt how different wines moved through your mouth and affected your tastebuds and which wine should be chosen for which food groups and so much more.

I had the opportunity to share a conversation with one of the head Vignerons and his chief Winemaker.

I asked, “Is there a perfect time to pick a grape?” He answered that there wasn’t a perfect time but rather a calculated time.

This intrigued me and I asked, “tell me more”.

He explained that each day the grapes were tested, the weather conditions were checked, the acidity and alkalinity were measured, the plumpness and water factor of the grape were calculated and the “certain time” was chosen more than a “perfect time”.

With the data they collected, they knew they could produce a ‘formulated vintage’ this year that may turn out to be “Award-Winning” but they could guarantee it would be the best they could do.

They had a certain outcome because they made certain choices, rather than having an approach of, “let's suck it up and see what happens”.

This information has resonated with me ever since, particularly in regard to business.

When our clients are setting goals and planning futures, I share with them this story as it will help some with procrastination and others with feeling rushed.

Using your data or using the control panel of your life and business can help you make the wisest decisions to produce your best outcomes.

Sadly, for a lot of people using common sense is not common practice. 

Choosing a ‘certain time’ rather than always waiting for the ‘perfect time’ gives you more confidence in a certain outcome.

Strategic decisions lead to strategic outcomes. Accidental decisions to accident outcomes.

Budgets, P&L charts and data, cashflow management charts, forecasting workload from quotes and estimates, WIP [Work in progress], Staff availability, the projection of annual overhead due dates, annual leave commitments, seasonal changes, and many other essential key indicators all form the backdrop of data that helps tell you a story from which you can make better decisions. 

Using this data is a key to cracking the lock of time and resource management, procurement, cash flow projections, and so many other vital ingredients to be sure you have the best success at setting goals and, more importantly, achieving your goals.

I have seen so many individuals and companies find the success they have been hoping for years by strategic evaluation before strategic planning. Then after planning, adding discipline and consistency to their direction to see great results.

Making the best wine is being certain today of what you could achieve in the future before you start.  

Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to be thinking through how to effectively close this year off in anticipation of creating the best year you have ever had in 2023.

I hope you continue to follow this series as we help you Planalife you want to live, through a Business on Purpose. 

Have you built your dashboard for your life and your business so you can do your most effective planning? 

If you are having trouble or don’t know where to start, please call me and I can help you get underway. 

Have a great week… Ian

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