Celebrate and Separate Part 3

So, how are you going with your planning for Christmas and the holidays?

We are nearly at the end of this year and ready to kick off 2023. Are you ready to make it your best year yet?  

The future we embrace will be directly connected to the vision we carry, and our perceived ability to make our vision become reality.

  • What you are celebrating and enjoying in your life and business this year?
  • What are the areas that have been fruitful and beneficial for you?

You need to Augment and Ameliorate these areas in your life. 

  • To Augment means to make something greater by adding to it. To create an increase. Make it larger and greater.
  • To Ameliorate means to make something better. Designed improvement. Enhance, boost, refine and improve.

With these two principles in focus our Celebrate List, unfettered from our Separate list can really fly! It will be our flag of change as we rally our team, family, or our staff to Planalife we want to live in or create a Business on Purpose.

Now, what have you placed on your Celebrate list? Is it still growing?

Each year you conduct this exercise you will notice that your Celebrate List will grow and your Separate List will shrink. When you have plans for change, you have moved ideas to actionable markers. You have now begun the process of navigating a new way for you to live or run your business.


With my clients, I use something called a VAMP process. 


This process and chart is in My Book “5 Keys to Successful Business Planning”.


VISION - Setting your goals: cyclic and linear.

“Vision Precedes Discipline.”

Without vision, people cast off restraint.

With vision, people discipline themselves to see their desired outcomes. 

With the correct vision, you will not be bored or distressed. 

Engineer your vision and write it down.

Using the 5 A’s (Answers, Adjustments, Ambitions, Aspirations and Achievements) set powerful, meaningful, achievable and CLEVER goals. 

You can live in Eustress; which is the correctly weighted stress we need to have in life to be happy, healthy and progressively moving towards our potential.


ALIGNMENT - Your new decisions and actions.

What do you need to do to align your actions with your intentions and decisions? 

Chart your course:

  • Be focused yet flexible
  • Strategize and improvise
  • Track and tweak
  • Aim and adapt

This is where your big-picture planning begins and you turn an idea into a series of decisions and objectives to create your plan.

At the end of this step, you will be able to articulate your ideas and you will be able to align actionable steps to bring them to reality.


MOTIVATION - Will you encourage or force change with your team?

When we are motivating our people, our preferred option is to ENCOURAGE rather than FORCE the new vision or change through into reality.

  • Encouraged - Excitement, Enthusiasm Engagement.
  • Forced - Resistance, Reluctance, and Resentment.

Enlist your change advocates.

Quarantine your change critics.

Inspire your people and excite them as much as you are excited.


QUARTERLY PLANNING - Divide the load equally or into achievable goals across each quarter.

Ordering your decisions from alignment.

Design intentionally your ALBP Active Layered Business Plan for your vision. 

Break down your vision into objectives and goals and  four quarterly achievable plans to meet your vision

What will happen in Q1, Q2, Q3 or Q4?

Plan your days, weeks, months and quarters from the primary goals into preliminary goals or steps.

Create a pathway for a progressive realisation of your vision through a strategic plan.


If we don’t move ideas to actions they will never benefit us.

A good idea remains just that until it has a strategy attached to it. You need to put legs on your good ideas and those legs are yours. 

If you want to Planalife you want to live in through a Business On Purpose, the VAMP Change Process will need to become a familiar friend.

If you would like to know more about implementing change in your life and business, I would love to have a conversation with you. 

Next week will be our last Thursday Thoughts for this year. Next week I will be sharing about the importance of re-creation in the process of our life and how important this is to refreshment and renewal. 

I know some of you will be tying up the year and flat-out meeting finish lines and deadlines.

I understand how hectic this time of year can be, but I hope you are making time to enjoy this festive season and embrace the opportunity to celebrate your staff, team, and family. 

Have a great week and Planalife you want to live in!  

Cheers, Ian!

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