Merry Christmas

From Donna and I to you and yours, I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Wow; what a year.

When we started having children a good friend said to me that the years would go 10% quicker every year now for the rest of my life.

I didn’t really understand what he was saying, but now I do!

I turn 60 in late December and I can’t believe it is happening. 60 always seemed like it was so far away and it was very difficult to imagine chapter 6 of life!

But, as I enter chapter 6, I really feel very different about all the wonderful things that will happen across this decade as Donna and I continue to Planalife we want to live in. 

This year for many has been a very testing year.

Stress levels have been higher than they have ever been and staff have been difficult to both find and keep healthy, productive and profitable.  The formulaic equations of projected income have pressurized budgets and very little has been totally predictable.

So, does this mean planning next year is a waste of time? Absolutely not!

We need to Aim and Adapt.

Stay focused and prepare to be flexible. Strategize and Improvise

I hope you take some time out during this season to have some Re-Creation.

Remember to make some time to sit on your ARSE - Accumulating Rest, Strength, and Energy.

As you sit on your 'R’s'...

Rest, Relax, Renew, Refresh, Reconnect Relationships, Read, Replenish, Reinvigorate, Reflect, Reinvent, Realign, Regain, Reframe, Restore and Recover.


Many years ago my son and I went to see Tommy Emanual. He is a freak of nature.

He is one of, if not the most amazing musicians I have ever heard.

He made his guitar sound like 5 instruments were playing at once. However, the beauty of his music is not in the score. There are probably many who could play a song following the score. The beauty is in his improvisation and how he interprets the score.

Your business plan is like the score and how you improvise around that score will be the beautiful sound you create that is attractive to all your listeners!

There is much skill in improvisation far more than the mere ability to follow the score. 

Learn how to make a beautiful sound with your life and business and make a living and a difference in the world you are so privileged to live in.

We can’t control everything that will happen to us, but we can control how we react to it.

As you face next year, face it with determination to succeed, regardless of the circumstances. 

Planalife you want to live in through a Business on Purpose. 

Merry Christmas and remember Jesus is the reason for the season. If you need to shorten the word “Christmas”, cut out the bit that doesn’t matter.

Merry ChristX and a Happy New Year to you all!

I look forward to reconnecting with you next year.

We will start Thursday Thoughts again on Thursday 12th Jan 2023.

God bless you all… Ian and Donna. 

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