Happy Australia Day!

So are you feeling resolute?

Have you turned the promises you made to yourself for this year into tangible goals and given yourself some inspiration and direction or do you feel a little listless? 

One of the main reasons our dreams, goals, and desires don’t get the traction they need in our lives is because we are already overloaded.

Our capacity needs to be considered when we are setting goals to see if we have any capacity to take on more in our lives. 

Capacity is the first conversation I have when people are trying to Planalife they want to live in.

I wrote an acronym for the word CLEVER many years ago to use as a filter when 'Goal Setting'.

Many of you would have used SMART as a filter for goal setting - me too!

But, when I looked at my life I realised I had set some pretty dumb smart goals.

Using CLEVER first, I have turned goal setting on his head.


C - Capacity

  • Do you have the capacity and energy for this option or opportunity?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing this option or pursuing this opportunity to be your next goal?
  • Will this goal consume all of your capacity?
  • Will you have the capacity for other goals or the current goals you are pursuing?


L - Leverage

  • Is leverage possible to achieve the change you want to see or the goals you want to pursue?
  • What leverage is available to provide you with additional support?
  • Is the leverage point at the right place to make this goal possible or a reality?
  • Can you increase your capacity with leverage and how?
  • Are there multiple options or just one?
  • Have you considered the captive, coping, change, courage, and confidence assessment and measured where you are on the scale?


E - Emerging

  • What is emerging for you after you have achieved or completed this goal?
  • What possibilities could open up for you personally or in your business/career?
  • Will your life be enlarged, ultimately giving you greater capacity and opportunities?
  • Will this goal, when achieved, be useful to you personally and professionally, and will the benefits be sustainable, enjoyable, and enlarge you as a person?


V - Vision

  • The vision we embrace will be directly connected to the future we anticipate.
    Do you have a compelling, inspirational vision you can’t resist?
  • Is the goal or opportunity congruent with your vision?

We really know when we have a compelling vision by the fact that we no longer just have the vision, it has us!

A well-described and articulated vision captures us before it captures anyone else because Vision Precedes Discipline.


E - Excited

  • What really excites you about this goal? (answer, adjustment, achievement, ambition or aspiration?)
  • How strong is the desire to make it happen?
  • Having moved this far through this process are you still excited to move forward with this goal after what you are discovering?


R - Reflect

  • How can you put in place a review or reflection process to keep you on track as you pursue this goal?
  • As you reach the end of planning your first goal to pursue, reflect and review your options ready for your next goal as you pursue this goal.
  • Reflect on whether you will be better off having pursued this goal.
  • What will life look like when you arrive at your desired future?


When I wrote CLEVER and started to use this as a filter for goal setting it changed my life.

This is the first complete approach to setting goals I had found.

I now feel inspired and motivated - more than I ever have in my life.

Because of this filter or 'Planning Tool' I now set far more meaningful and beneficial goals for my life.

If you want to Planalife you want to live in through a Business on Purpose, why don’t you try using CLEVER as a filter and see if it will help you make goal setting a more meaningful process for your life. 

This tool and over 300 pages of other great information are in my Book “5 Keys to Successful Business Planning.”

If you would like to know more, please let us know and we can send you information to purchase your own copy. 

Cheers Ian

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