Welcome to 2023 – Resolutions or Revolutions?

Do you make ‘New Year's Resolutions’ or do you rehash all the ones you made last year? Possibly you haven’t really committed yourself to the change you want to see.

Anyone who has been following ‘Thursday Thoughts’ for a while would know the quote I wrote and used many years ago:

“Something changes when something changes."

So, what is the first something you need to change?

At the beginning of a new year, it is like we give ourselves permission to change as we believe this year will be our year of difference.

Our year of breakthrough.

Our year where we are finally ‘resolute'.

The word Resolute means Purposeful, Determined, and Unwavering.

So, when you look upon any of the resolutions you made on January 1 or in the consequent days since then, add those words to the resolution and see if you feel inspired and excited about that change in your life.

Or if you feel overwhelmed, full of questions with no real answers, doubt, fear, dread, or a desire that is never going to be backed up by a decision.

Don’t condemn yourself if you made a resolution that is already failing. It was probably a good idea that needed to be popped back in the thought bank for a little while because it was a 'Good idea premature for its time' - We all have them!

Next, think about how you want to really launch this year in a way that makes this year kick some goals and is memorable not just lived on repeat. 

You can live one year ten times or you can live the next ten years . . . the choice is yours.

Where you are is not where you need to stay.

Where you want to be, what you want to do, and what you want to have could be within reach IF you focus and become resolute towards your achievement.


When I am working with clients I rarely use the word goal.

In place of the word, we talk about the 5 A’s

  • What are some ANSWERS you are seeking this year?
  • What are some ADJUSTMENTS you need to make to your life to feel like you are really living, not just existing?
  • What are some AMBITIONS you have that you would like to see become reality over the next twelve months?
  • What is an ACHIEVEMENT you have in mind that propels you towards a new lease on life?
  • What is a lifelong ASPIRATION you have that sits in your heart that you would like to be known for or would become a legacy of your life.

When we think of goals in the terms of answers, adjustments, ambitions, achievements, and aspirations, we begin to set meaningful goals, plans, and desires for life and we begin to Planalife we really want to live in.

This will also help bring our Business on Purpose. Our personal desires drive our business motivation.


So, welcome back to a brand New Year.

I hope at the end of 2023 it is everything you imagined and hoped it would be.

I started Chapter 6 of life a couple of weeks ago and so far so good. I have a pretty exciting year of celebrating my start to Chapter Six and a bit later this year my wife joins me in this chapter.

We have some great plans for this new decade of our lives. We plan to travel, explore, live, develop, invest, grow, help, encourage, support, receive, love, and enjoy every part of our lives!  

What about you? How are you approaching this year/decade - With fun or fear in mind?

Does everything you are looking at ahead of you fill you with resolution, purpose and determination, excitement and enthusiasm? Or is it fear and dread, exhaustion and depression that you are looking forward at?

What lens do you see life through?

If you need some support to help transform your life to make it what you want it to be remembered for, remember that "Something changes when something changes". 

What is the first something you need to change?  

Have a great week and remember to Plan a life you want to live in!

Cheers Ian

Image of note that says 'Resolutions'.


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