Is your new financial year off to a flying start?

Over the past two weeks, we have looked at the 5 A’s and the 4 I’s. Do you remember what they were? If you can’t remember you can look them up or get onto our website and look for our previous blogs.

Today I want to share with you 3 C’s and the importance of planning your goals by measuring the stress each goal places on your resources.

The three C’s are Capacity, Concurrently and Consecutively

In goal planning and management, it is important to know which goals must happen concurrently, which goals need to happen consecutively, and what is the capacity of the goal setter to achieve the goal?

How important is seeing this goal achieved to you now, or in the future?

How does goal management work best?

When you write your list of everything you want to be, do or have, the next step of using the 3 C’s will be critical to their success.

Of all the ideas and options you have in your be, do and have list, there will be potential goals that emerge with the most important benefits for you to have in your life right now.

This will be your No. 1 goal.

Then there will be the next idea or option that is the very next benefit you desire.

So, its address will be No. 2 on your list. Then, continue on down the list.

You will then begin to ask yourself: What do I need to do now and what do I need to do next?

Personal Goal Planning: Make a list starting with your No 1 Goal first

1st Goal:

2nd Goal:

3rd Goal:

4th Goal:

5th Goal:

6th Goal:

When considering your different goals, or pursuing more than one goal at a time, you need to ask yourself: Can these goals be concurrent or do they need to be consecutive, and what is the capacity you have to achieve them?  Have you weighed their importance?

Simultaneous, synchronised, coexisting, parallel.

Successive, following part of a process.

Do you have the capacity and resources you need to complete the goal at this point in time? If this goal is  2/10 on your level of importance, then you may need to conserve your resources and focus them into something that is an 8/10 or above goal in your level of importance? Your prime resources are time, talent and finance.

There are too many people who try to do too many things at once. I can be guilty of that! When we understand our capacity, and this is very unique to each person, work with it. We don’t want to burn out this year and we don’t want to rust out!

Some ideas are premature for their time and some opportunities need to be seized now or they will pass. Always remember you do not have to say yes to every opportunity, just to the right ones in the right time frame, and set yourself up for the right successes.

Stay inspired and energised as you continue into this new financial year. Plan your goals using the 3 C’S and always remember to planalife you want to live in!




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