How do we continue to own our business and not let it own us?

At the start of every business venture or creation, there is a euphoria that seems to consume nearly every thought we have. We begin to wonder, ponder, imagine, even fantasise about the empire we will create. We know that people will flock to us to solve their problems and satisfy their needs, and we will be so different from everyone else in the market space. In fact, pretty soon we will be the major player.

We are enticed by the allure of this thing we have created until one day, what we created begins to call the shots and turns on us.

It could be a staff issue, a cashflow issue, a sale or contract which goes pear-shaped and a dozen other things that could cause what was powering on to derail.

The business misbehaves. It does something it shouldn't and starts to call the shots. The business starts to run our life and create unreasonable demands.

The business is becoming more and more demanding.

It is now a controlling force rather than what we learnt in those naïve business conferences. You know the ones that give us that false sense of security that our business would be a vehicle, an opportunity to express who we are, and ultimately fulfill our destiny.  But, this business we own seems to have a mind of its own and it starts to sink in: I serve my business rather than my business serving me.

Then you ask yourself, "what can I do to take back control?"

As the leader of your business you are expected to lead whether you feel like it or not. You have no choice. You cannot abdicate your duty. You cannot have a sickie, mental health day, rec day, rostered day off or escape your responsibility of leadership…. or can you? 

On Monday 31st May, I'm hosting a Business on Purpose Workshop in Warners Bay to help you get back in the drivers seat of your business. Covering all topics from leadership in 2021, business strategy and growth tactics, to managing your financials, building and nurturing your team and culture, and practical tips for getting seen by your target market on the social platform that works for you.

Our presenters are pragmatic and engaging, and the content is rich! Past attendees often speak of the "gems" they walked away with, to implement in their business the very next day. Not only that, they achieved a better work / life harmony and minimised the overwhelm that so many business owners face.

This workshop is for leaders of any size business, and we welcome you to join us so that you can get to the end of 2021 intentionally.

For more information, view the PDF flyer here and please get in touch if you have any questions.

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