How can you deal with sucky bits of business successfully?

Do you ever find yourself trying to get out of something you need to get into? Do you ever find yourself putting more energy into excuses than effort? 

I know I have at some moments in my life. I still find the same things that frustrated me when I started business nearly forty years ago, are the same things that frustrate me today. The detailed areas of procedures, policies and processes are not glamorous, just important. Reconciliation and balancing of accounts is not easy, it is essential. Conflict resolution and difficult conversations are not pleasurable, for most people, but are unavoidable and crucial to effective communication. None of these essential parts of business are things “I will find time for”, they are things I need to “make time for”. Avoiding what you need to face is delaying the inevitable. 

There is a difference between what we can’t do and what we won't do. There have been several times in business over the years where I would prefer to not do something I find I am not naturally good at or gifted with, or even interested in, that I know a have to do whether I want to or not. 

The “HAVE TO, WANT TO, NEED TO” is a wrestle you will have in business for the rest of your business life. 

So, “how can you deal with sucky bits of business successfully?” 

Responsibilities or tasks we have a desire for will rarely take a lot of effort to find motivation for. We will normally see successful outcomes and pleasing results. However, what we struggle with or have no desire for, we need to add discipline to because they still need to be done and it is our responsibility to make sure they happen.

So, what are the steps we need to take to make sure what needs to be done, gets done?

  1. Don’t leave your time MAP to chance. Your MAP, “My Action Plan”, needs to be allocated, prioritised and prepared for. You need a plan. Planning, actioning and monitoring leads to success. Failing to plan is organising failure. 
  2. Don’t leave the thing you don’t like doing to last. You will be rushed, uninterested, possibly not as skilled as you would like to be and creating all the ingredients that add up to a high potential of a poor result.
  3. Stay accountable to someone who can manage, train and mentor you towards a good result.
  4. Pass on this role and responsibility to somebody else as soon as you are able. Place it in the hands of someone confident and competent.  
  5. Move from accountability to self-discipline as soon as possible. Maturing in business is essential for business success and satisfaction.

So remember, “Why do we PLAN?” Because if we don’t, we may PANIC!


The word AMELIORATION means to strengthen, or the act of making something better; to create improvement intentionally.

Consistency has power.  

Progress begins with the amelioration of your life and business. While accidental plans will lead to accidental outcomes, you could be lucky, sometimes we can make our own luck by being intentional. Intentional plans lead to intentional outcomes. There is an old saying, “The harder you work the luckier you get.” At the very least, “Amelioration Planning” in your business and life will give you quantifiable or measurable outcomes that can be clarified through data collection points and tools and help you create planned and desired growth rather than decline.

Some important life questions????

  • Is there something you need to address and ameliorate in your life or business now?
  • Are you still trying to improve the struggles you need to let go of and pass on?
  • Who can you shift your struggles to who has the character, consistency and competence to do it?
  • What will you be able to focus on when you do?
  • Are you planning a life you want to live through a Business on Purpose?

Have a great week and I hope you are loving living your life. If you are enjoying some holidays at the moment make memories that last and wherever you are, be there!

Could you please let me know if you would like ‘Thursday Thoughts’ recorded into mini podcasts? We have the technology now to do this. 

Cheers, Ian  



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