Thursday Thoughts 15.6.24 Scaling with Soul

Thursday Thoughts 15.6.23

 Do you want “More from 24”? Part 5 

Keeping your Soul as you Scale.

Whenever we scale a business we must systemise the business. But how can we be sure we keep the soul in our system? 

Scaling a business with soul requires a delicate balance between growth-driven strategies and human-centric values. While improving processes, investing in technology, and expanding offerings are vital components of scaling, it is equally important to keep the human element at the forefront.

In the pursuit of growth, it's easy to overlook the impact on the people involved. However, by cultivating a soul and perpetuating your values throughout the scaling process, businesses can ensure that the journey remains inclusive, empathetic, and supportive. Here are a few guiding principles to achieve this:

Empower Your Team: 

Scaling a business requires a team effort. By fostering a culture of trust, respect, and open communication, leaders can empower their employees to contribute their ideas, take ownership of their work, and grow both personally and professionally. Encouraging a warm and supportive work environment will not only enhance employee satisfaction but also boost productivity and innovation.

Prioritise Customer Experience: 

As the business expands, it becomes essential to maintain a personal connection with customers. By incorporating warmth in all interactions, whether through personalized communication, attentive support, or going the extra mile to exceed expectations, businesses can build strong and lasting relationships. Prioritising customer experience fosters loyalty and turns customers into passionate advocates for the brand.

Embrace Technology with Empathy: 

While investing in new technology is crucial for scaling, it should be done with empathy. Technology should serve as an enabler, not a replacement for human interaction. Ensure that any automation or digital solutions are implemented to enhance efficiency while still allowing for personalised and meaningful connections. Use technology to better understand customer needs, provide tailored experiences, and streamline internal processes.

Monitor Financial Health: 

Scaling a business requires careful financial management. Regularly monitor key financial indicators, such as cash flow, revenue, and expenses, to ensure sustainable growth. Remembering your clients and staff are people, not numbers and assets extends to financial management by valuing transparency, fairness, and empathy. Consider the impact of scaling decisions on all stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, and investors, to ensure a balanced and ethical approach.

Forge Strategic Partnerships: 

Collaborations with like-minded organizations can accelerate scaling efforts. Seek out partners who align with your values and vision, and who can provide complementary expertise or resources. These partnerships should be built on mutual trust, shared goals, and Similar values expressed in a common culture that prioritises collaboration over competition.


Scaling a business while at the same time “Keeping your soul in the system,” is not just about achieving growth; it's about creating a positive impact on the people involved. By focusing on improving processes, investing in technology, expanding offerings, and fostering strategic partnerships, while maintaining a genuine warmth throughout your business you can scale effectively while preserving your core values and augmenting your culture. Remember, a business's success is not measured solely by its bottom line, but by the positive and lasting impact it has on its employees, customers, and the wider community.

In my Book “5 Keys to Successful Business Planning” I have the following quote that I wrote as an opening remark. 

For however long you are in business remember this: while you may own your business, you are a steward of this generation's economy. You received it from the previous generation and one day you will pass it on to the next. Do this in a way so that the next generation takes on our economy in a better condition than we found it. 

In our upcoming BOP Workshop, "More from 24," One of the topics will be Scaling your business sustainably. 

The workshop is a virtual workshop and happens 6-8 pm each Wednesday night in July, the 5th 12th 19th and 26th Remember to book your place at: 

“More from 24”

And by the way, winging it may work on occasion, but if you truly want to unlock your full potential for success, intentional planning is the way to go. Accidental outcomes rarely lead to the desired results.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!Cheers Ian


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