Thursday Thoughts 8.6.23

Do you want “More from 24”? Part 4


I have a 1964 EH Holden that I am lovingly restoring, and it brings me so much joy. Interestingly, this classic car lacks synchromesh between 2nd gear and first gear. It means that whenever I want to shift into first gear, I have to bring the car to a gentle stop. There's a certain charm to the way things were done back then.

In modern manual cars, you'll find that all gears are synchromeshed, although most cars these days are automatic. This little piece of trivia got me thinking about the importance of harmony and synchronization, even in our businesses.

Do you have Healthy Systems?

Healthy systems in your business are like well-oiled gears, powered by good procedures, policies, and processes. I often tell my clients that these elements serve as your "Presence when you are not Present." Just as each gear plays a vital role in the car's mechanics, your procedures dictate how you do everything, your policies act as the lubricant, and your processes ensure smooth transitions between touchpoints, just like passing on a relay baton. Ultimately, your goal is to provide exceptional service, turning satisfied clients into raving fans who leave you glowing 5-star reviews.

Having a healthy system in your business is a clear indicator that you have healthy PPPs (Procedures, Policies, and Processes) in place. However, a vision is what gives discipline purpose and direction. Without a vision, people tend to lose focus or become undisciplined because they lack a target to align their actions. It's like having a wish without a plan.

Do you have a Strong Skeleton?

To transform a wish into a strong backbone capable of carrying the weight of your vision, you need defined action, alignment, strategic plans, business plans, and harmonious life plans. It's about synchronizing the gears of both your business and your life, creating a plan to live purposefully and intentionally.

To achieve effective synchronization, businesses should ensure that all departments, functions, products, and services work together towards a common goal. Clear communication, regular updates, and fostering a sense of accountability among employees are key. And yes, profitability plays a significant role as well, as it fuels the next stage of growth. But amidst all the automation tools like CRM and ERPDs and Business Systems, it's crucial to maintain the soul of your business.

A synchronized business is finely tuned and efficient in transforming input into output. Broken systems lose their synchronicity, encountering gaps, barriers, and drains along the way. Identifying these gaps, barriers, and drains is essential for improving your business.

Do you want "More from 24?"

In our upcoming BOP Workshop, "More from 24," we will delve into the importance of ERPD Staff Management programs, Leadership Development, Recruitment, and HR Management. It will be a four-week journey in July, coinciding with the beginning of the new financial year, where we will help you intentionally design the coming year to make it your best yet.

Remember, problems are never solved with the same level of thinking that created them. If you feel like your business is currently "Out of Sync," it's time to embrace a new level of thinking to realign and get back on track.

And by the way, winging it may work on occasion, but if you truly want to unlock your full potential for success, intentional planning

 is the way to go. Accidental outcomes rarely lead to the desired results.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

Cheers Ian


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